In Her Eyes…



Laying side by side,
Looking into your big brown eyes.
Filled with life and laughter and many wonders to see,
Unlike mine, weakened from watching people burn the world to the ground.
Your skin untouched and so pure,
Unlike mine, coarse from the test of the world.
Hair so soft and silky, through many winds this will blow,
Unlike mine filled with gas and smoke from the corporate world.
A laugh so infectious and so sweet,
Yet to experience the harsh realities of this world.
From the deepest depths of my hearts,
I want to protect those big brown eyes,
Laying side by side.



[insert] Lives Matter –


Together we laugh,
together we cry.
Forced to stand silent
and watch people die.

Where is this justice?
This freedom of speech?
Our kids are watching,
Is this what we want to teach?

That people are less
because of the religion they follow.
Dehumanising a community,
just like the Pharaoh.

No matter who you are,
or the colour of your skin.
The media is always winning
if they’re telling you what to think.



She walks down the street from
head to toe she is covered.
Lower your gaze sister
keep your body undiscovered.

They say ‘The Parda’ is a veil
to protect the beauty of the face
Don’t attract too much attention sister
don’t attract a moth to the flame.

But why is her modesty judged
by how much she veils herself.
Instead of focusing on her values,
her morals and the people that she helps.

Let’s redefine modesty to dress
in what we feel comfortable in.
As what may be modest to you and me
for someone else it may be a sin