In The Spotlight: Baaghi


Qandeel Baloch, a social media sensation nicknamed the Pakistani Kim Kardashian. She made her spot in the lime light with her controversial post and videos . A women not afraid to challenge social conventions and the role of women by living her life by her own rules. Raised in a small village in Multan as Fozia Azeem, was a small town girl with big dreams, wanting to become famous and achieve stardom. As she rose to fame through provocative videos and talking about taboo subjects in the public eye her family became privy to shame from their community. A problem with collectivist cultures, ‘Ghairat’, in English ‘Honour’ led to her brother committing the unforgivable crime of murder against his own sister. This case was a broadcast worldwide making headlines in several countries, the world outraged and demanded justice. Her story has lived on through documentaries and now the award winning TV series Baaghi.

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The Truth About…Pakistan

Pakistan, the home of culture and the ever so popular curry. inspirers and leader of fashion couture and and a entertainment industry second to none. For a handful of British citizens also the homeland of their ancestors. My last visit to the rural village of my great grand father was around 7 years prior. Destiny called again in form of a blessed union of two souls which prompted around 25 members of my extended family to make this long haul journey.

I spent around 3 weeks over the easter period in the blistering spring sun. It was a lot warmer than it typical is for that time of year which our britsh bodies could not tolerate. Without fail overtime we visit there is always a reaction to the extreme climate. I was the first victim suffering from dioreahh and vomiting which i suspect was from the takeaway I had the night before. A quick trip to the hospital and a full IV drip later I was bouncing again in time for the weddings.

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In Her Eyes…



Laying side by side,
Looking into your big brown eyes.
Filled with life and laughter and many wonders to see,
Unlike mine, weakened from watching people burn the world to the ground.
Your skin untouched and so pure,
Unlike mine, coarse from the test of the world.
Hair so soft and silky, through many winds this will blow,
Unlike mine filled with gas and smoke from the corporate world.
A laugh so infectious and so sweet,
Yet to experience the harsh realities of this world.
From the deepest depths of my hearts,
I want to protect those big brown eyes,
Laying side by side.


In The Spotlight: Neha Bhasin


Neha Bhasin, a middle aged Indian woman and a award winning singer. You are probably think, but I’ve never heard of her? Even I felt the same but she is the amazing voice behind the song Dhunki from Meri brother Ki Dhulhan and as well the Jag Ghoomega from the new movie starring Salman khan, Sultan. Upon listening to these she seems like any other female artist. However Neha has produced a collection of amazing covers of some traditional punjabi folk music which not only makes her unique but also a strong female role model.

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12 Hours in Istanbul…


I have always been a savvy traveller trying to get the most out of my money, so when the opportunity arose to do exactly that I jumped at the chance. During my recent visit to Lebanon I realised if I had a longer layover it would make my flight cheaper. Me, being the opportunist I am, extended my layover to 12 hours in the turkish capital. And so began my 12 hours in Istanbul.

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The Hakawati – Rabih Alameddine


“Listen. Allow me to be your god. Let me take you on a journey beyond imagining. Let me tell you a story.”

Star Rating : 5/5

The Hakawati could be described as a story within a story, or a memoir of someone’s life along side a rich ancient culture of story telling. Either way this book is a masterpiece and entertaining to say the least. From the first chapter my attention was drawn and kept with the intertwining stories between timelines and the magical, mystical element of ancient history.

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[insert] Lives Matter –


Together we laugh,
together we cry.
Forced to stand silent
and watch people die.

Where is this justice?
This freedom of speech?
Our kids are watching,
Is this what we want to teach?

That people are less
because of the religion they follow.
Dehumanising a community,
just like the Pharaoh.

No matter who you are,
or the colour of your skin.
The media is always winning
if they’re telling you what to think.