My Top 5 HUM TV Shows

The evolution of Pakistani cinema as been that of remarkable substance. It has grown over the years to become one of the most viewed cinema on TV. The creativity and talent displayed by their screen writers, its no wonder that their popularity has increased through the last few years. The key factor which drew me into Pakistani drama was that they progress with speed and tackle very political subjects. Pakistan is also know for is quality in music which  demonstrated with the amazing title songs of each of the serials below as well as the world famous Coke Studios. Below I have compiled my top 5 TV shows and reasons for them. Spoiler alerts will be posted.

5. Mere Meherban


Mere Meherban released in 2014. The award winning dram is centred around a family environment drama focusing on 2 brothers Nassir and Basser. Nassir is well off  and the Bassir is a barely making ends meet. The serial focuses on the relationship between the two brothers and their families. Nassirs daughters and wife are portrayed as the high nose society girls looking down on their lower status family treating them like the help. All gets complicated when Nassirs only son has his eyes set on Haya, the daughter of his Thaya. The story then goes to evolve around the trials and tribulations faced by both families. The serial focuses on the importance of family and not taking people for granted because in your difficult time its your own who come to your aid.

4. Maan Mayal


Maan Mayal realsed in early 2016 focuses on the relationship between Manahil (Maya Ali) and Salahudin (Hamza Ali Abbasi). They in typical fashion fall into love but due to social class difference Salahudin refuses to marry Manahil by leaving her helplessly banging on his door after fleeing from her family to be with him. Manahil then marries Mikakeel (Gohar Rasheed) who she quickly learns is abusive and a gambling addict. The serial continues to show Manahil in this abusive relationship but also Salahudins continuing love for her. Salahudin is also faced with a further dilemma when he moves in with his friend in Karachi and is faced with the mistreatment of his friends father by his daughter in law. The issues explored are so very real, domestic violence, addiction and mistreatment of parents make this show a great watch. So many women now days suffer from domestic violence in silence. The only thing which would have made this better would be if Manahil stood up for herself and her kids showing the world this is not okay

3. Udari 


Udari is one of the newest dramas on my list. This is such a powerful and moving drama with some very real issues. The story focuses on 2 families, a single mother Sajjo and her young daughter Zebo and a family of wedding singers who live next door. The story revolves around the local connotation attached to being a low class  and a wedding singer but the main theme is child rape. Zebo is subjected to the evil torture of her dads brother after he marries her mother. The area this was based around, Multan, where these kind of issues are common. There is also a focus on taking music as a career when Meera, one of the wedding singers finds fame. There was a huge controversy around the theme of the serial where it was felt that the content was too inappropriate. Personally I feel this was a great drama keeping you hooked throughout and also challenging major taboos.

2. Dastan


Dastan is one of the oldest dramas on the listed released in 2010. This was definitely one of the most powerful drama I have seen. It follows the story of Banno a cheeky young girl and her love interest Hassan. This is set during the partition of India and Pakistan and shows the brutality suffered by people on both sides. Bano’s family are living on the Indian side and when things start getting violent they are subjected to treacherous crimes at the hands of their neighbours and friends. The story then goes to follow Banno on her journey trying to reach Pakistan. What I loved about this drama was the how real it was. Once the violence starts I was utterly hooked. Never did I feel more hooked on a drama more than this. It really pulls on your heart strings seeing Bano go through so much to end up betrayed by her own.

1. Digest Writer 


At the top of my list is no other than digest writer. I know you are probably thinking this wasn’t that great but let me explain. My love for this stems from the fact its to do with a writer and being an part time blogger myself I instantly felt a connection with Farida. She is a girl from an average family who writes under the alter ego of Rashke Hina. Her family are against her working but soon come around when she starts earning good money. The story follows Farida as she becomes a popular drama writer and meets the man of her dreams. What I love about this is how realistic this is. Despite having a fairytale love story Farida marries her cousin Shaukat, who she hated but married under family pressure. Also the issue around the stigma of a working women was very real. Women are deterred from working in their homes but when the family can see a benefit they are pushed to work more than they can.


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