I’m coming home!!

I’ve done it! I can’t believe I’ve actually made it to the end. It’s the final week in Tanzania, we leave out host homes on Wednesday morning to start out debrief and then leave Bukoba on Friday morning for the two day bus journey back to Dar.

On Saturday we had our community farewell where a teacher from my school have a speech about how we helped them. She said that she was very grateful for having us and that they have learned a lot from us over the past ten weeks. It made me feel really good and helped us all realise what amazing achievements we had gained during this programme. Thinking back to the end of the first month were I was feeling so hopeless I can now say that our determination and hard work has definitely paid off.

This experience has made me a much stronger person and I feel that I can tackle anything that comes my way now. I’ve had a lot of time to think about my own life and where I want to go and I must say that I will be taking out a lot of time to go travelling. Also I can’t wait to have home comforts again and not carry all my chargers around with me begging to get things charged.

As I leave at the end of this week I leave behind an old me, not one who has change drastically in terms of thought but one who is more ready to face the world. I also leave behind some amazing people that I have formed such strong bonds and friendships with, who without these last 11 weeks would have been unbearably painful.

My advice to anyone who wants to take part on the ICS programme is that is your living in a host home your are going to get a cultural experience, don’t go if you want to travel but go if you want to fully immerse yourself in the culture and do some development work. But overall no matter what difficulties you face always look to the positive and try make things better because once you’ve finished you will be so proud of yourself.


2 thoughts on “I’m coming home!!

  1. i’m also going to be volunteering in bukoba with VSO ICS in march and feel totally unprepared and scared silly about it. Whenever I say about not being ready to live away from all my homely comforts and friends and family for so long people always say ‘oh dont worry about that… it’ll go so quickly you wont even realise’ etc etc but knowing what you went through and how you changed because of it really reassures me. it seems that the work you did was really worthwhile and a true eye-opener, eager to be going on the trip myself now!

    1. Yeah don’t worry about not being prepared I feel that’s part of the process and helps make you a better person and yes it defiantly does go a lot faster than you can imagine all I’d say is prepare for a lot of free time take loads of books and a laptop but yes just try make the most of it and I wish you good luck šŸ™‚

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