The Final Hurdle

It’s the 11th week and I can see the finish line in the distance, with only two working days left we have a lot to cram
In before we leave. We started painting at school last week and already completed the solar system, map of Africa, a world map and a english to swahili translation. We received very positive feedback from the teachers who said they were glad we came and they really love the paintings.

It seems like everyone is just counting down the days to go home and even though I’m quite excited about the prospect, I am not looking forward to all the work and stuff I will new to sort out when I’m back. It’s going to be a day of relaxing and then back to the fast pace life of doing uni work, going to society meetings, planning this and reading that. It can be said that will defiantly not be any poley poley once I’m back. Even though people claim students do nothing I can most certainly say that compared to the lifestyle here we do a hell of a lot. So England I will see you very shortly!!!


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