Mid phase review

9 weeks and I’m already well over half way through the programme. As I left last weekend to enjoy the comforts of a luxurious hotel (by luxurious I mean a comfy bed and running water) I was unsure of what the coming 6 weeks would bring. Initially I felt dread of having to go through another five weeks in the rural community but this past week has been a lot easier than most.
I found myself being happy and interacting with locals instead of being the typical English groggy morning person on the train avoiding eye contact never mind small talk. The only thing that hasn’t change is the schools attitude. They already messed up our timetable by telling kids to come in weeks at a time and not alternate like we told them to but I’ve sorted that out (hopefully). Next week I will be hopefully doing arts and crafts hopefully for two weeks and the last two weeks we might do some wall paintings.

Big news of the week was the wedding I attended Thursday night. In true Tanzanian fashion everything was happening very slowly even the walks down the aisle which they bongo danced their way down and I must admit it looked cool. The highlight had to be when we had to konga to shake the brides hand who seemed so miserable.

Spent the day doing loads of team meetings yesterday and off for a swim today, yeh i know they have pools in africa! Week 8 and it’s eid day in tanzania, with the majority of people Christians I don’t see a lot of celebration going on but then again the school is closed. The host mother last night made my favourite dish pilau rice with beef sauce because she knew I’m Muslim and its eid bless her she makes being here a lot less daunting. I also managed to get to kemondo on a Sunday where half the group live despite the ridiculous transport system so hopefully Sundays will be less dreadful. Overall two weeks left at work and three in country see y’all soon


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