1/3 way through

As I enter the fifth week of this development project,I can’t help but feel a very changed person. I feel I have realised what is actually important to me and the things I take for granted everyday are the ones I need the most. For example good living conditions, people who speak English and most of all my family.

The past two weeks I have been working at the Katomah A school, which mostly involved making posters. I tried using my initiative and play some English games on individual blackboards with the kids but suddenly all the teachers wanted to use them when I picked them up Also skipped a day of school on Thursday because my counterpart wasn’t feeling well. I can’t help but feel of no help to the people here, I feel I am wasting my time trying to change a cheetahs spots! I think once the kids finish for summer we can organise some games and now that we have money to buy some resources things are starting to look more positive.

In other news we finally met up with the kamachumu group after three weeks. It was by far the best day I’ve had in the last three weeks living in community. Also discovered I may have bed bugs, but I’m not going to check because if I do have them I’m not sleeping on that bed unless I get a new mattress! Just I thought I was getting some what comfortable it suddenly hit me that still I hate being here and I miss my family so bad, I was in bed for half seven last night crying myself to sleep. Plus it dusnt help of your host mother decides to play the radio all night, havnt had a proper nights sleep in two weeks!

I just have to stay strong in less than two weeks we will be half way through and then the countdown to come home begins. Being here has defiantly shown me why development is really slow, it is a two way process where we help them and they need to help us help them. When I signed up for this project, I had no idea what I was getting myself into or how hard this would be. I had a dream last night that I met Zahra after the project and she was saying how much harder her project was than she originally thought, can’t wait to see all you guys when I’m back but after a nice week at home obviously.


3 thoughts on “1/3 way through

  1. Angelica

    hey man! so much love being sent your way right now 🙂 you’ll be okay, even when it is hard just remember that you have all your family and friends at home who will be so proud of you when you get back and who will all spoil you rotten. good luck with the next few weeks xxx

  2. Zahra

    wow zohaib. can’t believe what you’re going through! i feel privileged that I was in your dream! just think of what an EPIC last year we’re gonna have, everyone will be so proud of you, and you will become a stronger person for it! Thinking of you! xxxxx

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