Live from Tanzania

Okay so I haven’t been ble to keep you guys updated regularly, mainly becuase of how time consuming this actually is and obviously becuase I’m in africa and the internet isnt readily available.

So a quick update: 1st week here consisted of mainly training and UK volunteer bonding and we then DROVE 20 hours from Dar to Mwanza and stayed a night there before driving another 12 to get to Bukoba. We spent another two days repeating the training we got in the UK, which again was useless, met the Tanzanian Volunteers and sunday moved into our host homes.

All of this happend so fast , I wnt from being surrounded by British people and living in a well nice hotel to being an hour drive from everyone living the basic villagers life. The culture shock I experienced was immense to say the least. Now normally I’m not one to publically display my emotions but the harsh living conditions of no electricty, water, isolation coupled with the news of working in two schools made me cry like a baby. I wish I could say it was the only time but I also had a teary reunion with my fellow UK volunteers. I can honestly say that despite all that training we were given I coulndn’t have been less prepared. The schools here are astonishingly bad, teachers teach when they feel like and kids mostly spend thier day cleaning the school.

Its safe to say that I am now living much closer to other volunteers, working in a better school and have general better living conditions, Oh how I miss sitting idle in front of the sofa watch repeats of Good Luck Charlie with all the junk I can eat at an arms length. I will never take the UK for granted again!


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