Farewell to the Uk

Arghhhhhhhhhhh! That’s exactly how I feel right now, with Saturday approaching like a bullet the panic of getting things done is starting to become intense. With my precious iPhone sold to a random stranger half way across the country and the evil landlord breathing down my neck for rent payments I don’t have, it pushes me into the corner that only the bank of mum can pull you out of.

Putting all my first world problems aside officially one day and two sleeps till I leave on my epic journey. How am I feeling? I keeping asking myself the same thing. It’s hard to describe, it feels so surreal but yet I am still counting down the days. It’s like I know what to expect yet its going to be totally different. I guess not knowing what I am doing or where I am living scares me the most. Also will I be able to cope with the challenges I am faced with not to forgot “did I pack the right stuff”. Only time will tell. As I lay in bed I keep going over what I need to do tomorrow; get my last jab, talk to my bank, post the iPhone, finish packing, see friends and family and it goes on. I know once I get into the Putney office it will hit me, I’M GOING TO FIRETRUCKING AFRICA!

Here’s is a picture of some stuff that will get me through my trip: a camera to capture the memories, a phrase book to interact with the locals, an iPod to cure my bordem and a phone to call back home.



Also I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone one of you who gave to this worthwhile cause and hopefully I will be able to keep you regularly updated on what I’m doing! Also want to wish the best of luck to my friend Zahra Mahmoood whose is going to Palestine for three months l, can’t wait to swap stories when your back!


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