How it’s all going

So it’s been a busy 15 days already trying to get myself ready and organised for Tanzania. I’ve already managed to raise £675 towards my £800 goal set by VSO. The majority of the money has come from generous donations from friends and family, bucketing in the union and my “Wear a Onesie to exams” event. With a few more people still wanting to donate I hope to achieve the target before I leave.

(Left: Bucketing outside essentials, Right: Just before going into my exam)

I also attended a training day on the 26th to the 28th of May in Birmingham. The three days consisted of loads of fun games, learning how to deal with different cultures, how to approach problems, kinds of work we will be doing and medical/stuff we need to know. It was a awesome weekend and made me feel less apprehensive about going after meeting the majority of the people I would be working with.

I have gotten all my jabs (Rabies, Typoid, Hep A and Yellow Fever) with my last jab of the Rabies course left on the 28th. I also bought my anti malarial tablets aswell which I will start taking by the end of this week.

The place I will be staying is called Bukoba, It is located in north-west Tanzania. It is a fast growing town close to Lake Victoria and just 1 degree south of the equator! As it is the cool season from July-October, average temperature is expected to be around 20/30 degrees. Visa forms as being posted today and I await further information about my flights.



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